Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hear Me Roar

I think I already reached my blog posts quota for this month... Haha! Nah! Who am I kidding? I still have a lot of outfit posts to show you. *laughs*

How are you, by the way? How's life treating you so far?

I'm actually doing pretty good. I've rekindled my passion for blogging as you can see. *smiles* I may have to update my blog layout just so it will be a bit different. Do you know someone who can help me though? I really need help as I already have this idea in mind, but I just don't know how to execute it.

Anyway, I'm also organizing some shoots for my blog as I have a lot of new clothes that I want to style. If you have any suggestions or ideas, by the way, that you would like me to do or to reconsider to improve my blog, or if you have topics that you want me to tackle here, feel free to tell me please. I would really really really appreciate it.

And yes, moving on to this outfit, haha... 

So the weather is still crazy here in Manila. It's summer, no doubt about that, but it's also raining some other days. So, sometimes, I just really don't know what to wear to be prepared for an entire day. Good thing though that I have this long knitted cardigan that I got from one of my favorite stores here in the Philippines--- Stradivarius. I can easily wear it when it's starting to drizzle and the wind becomes chilly. But, if there's no sign of rain, then I'll stay in this summer-ready ensemble consisting of a chic tank top from Artwork and my bae skater skirt from Forever 21.

It's very important to stay comfy and proactive in our changing times. *winks*  

Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae01 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae02 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae03 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae04 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae05 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae06 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae07 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae08 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae09
TOP: Artwork
SKIRT: Forever 21 
NECKLACE: Divisoria 
CARDIGAN: Stradivarius
BOOTS: Bongo

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Photos by my Mama
Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae10

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Golden Hour

So, my last post had been emotionally heavy. I'm sure you'd agree. *blushes* I just really had to let that out, you know?

I guess, the reason why I shared that to all of you, and mind you, it's not to burden you, but it's more to say that I, too, feel that way every now and then. No matter how positive I am.

It's hard, right? Life is. 

But, no matter how difficult life maybe at times, I always come back to hoping and not giving up. In celebrating its beauty and accepting the flaws.

In trusting God more and more in spite of.

So as to move on with that state, here's an outfit post that is, I promise, very easy and comfortable to read. *laughs*

The Golden Hour_msdanicamae01 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae02 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae03 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae04 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae05 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae06 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae07 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae08 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae09 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae10 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae11 The Golden Hour_msdanicamae12 

You probably do not know this about me, but when I buy my clothes, I look at the design and style of the item more than the name of the brand. Since I'm not really picky, you probably also would not believe that I buy tons of my clothes in thrifted stores, market bazaars, and pretty much anywhere as long as I fancy that item. 

I basically like to dress up. It's my passion, you know. So you won't see me be restricted in buying expensive clothes that I can pretty much buy at a cheaper price in a low-end store. Example is buying the basics (white shirt, plain tank tops, etc) at any international clothing establishments when you can buy them in department stores. You need to value your money even if you're basically spending them in shopping.

The challenge always is in styling. You can simply create an expensive look using inexpensive pieces, or you can also cheapen a costly item by choosing the wrong things. You just have to research, practice, and practically know your own style. 

Because fashion, my dear friend, is also personal.

BAG: G by Guess
WATCH: Tomato
SHOESSM Parisian
NECKLACE: Forever 21 
SKORT and TOP: Taytay Everyday Bazaar

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Photos by Echie Hernandez

The Golden Hour_msdanicamae13

Monday, April 06, 2015

The girl who feels too much.


It’s crazy because when I was young I had a different view of what the future will look like. I thought that when you reach a certain age, when you finally become an adult, all the tears will stop; the road to where you’re supposed to be is clear and even; what you dream of is just within your reach; you finally have a voice in your family; you will get what you want as long as you work extra hard for it; old friends will be doubled with the new; you will be at home with your responsibilities as you will not have any fear of them any longer; and so on and so forth.

The crazy part there though is that for a lot of people, like me, that future is just a fiction of reality. An imagination. A hope turned into null... Nonexistent.

I’m a girl who feels too much. And when I say too much, it really is too much.

And I can’t help it, you know?

I can’t help to stop my emotions from emerging. I can’t help to look at the surface and not see the inside. The back story. The core. The reason. The origin and the history.

Because I perceive too much. I see the intricate connections of everything and anything... and sometimes, even of nothing.

Because that’s who I am.

And believe me, a lot of people do not understand that. A lot of people are judging me for making a small thing big. For overdramatizing. For over thinking. For basically, feeling too much.

But, fuck them. They just don’t get it. They just don’t understand. They just cannot accept the fact that my emotions do not have an off switch.

That I do not have an off switch.

That I also do not know how to let all these feelings go. Because my heart does not forget. My heart remembers and it remembers it well.

If only they know. If only they know how freaking tiring it is too feel too much. To wish for your brain to stop processing and dissecting a single thing to a million of pieces. To making something so simple to a complication. To prevent your heart from feeling all the pain that comes with it. To learn how to breathe again and let your lungs function when you try to fight a battle of setting your emotions run free.

To stop being the Danica that somehow God wanted her to be.

If only they know.

But I try. I always try my hardest to control myself. To be good no matter what. To reach out and to understand. To be mature. To see the world and its beauty. To be fair and not judge. To release the negativity and absorb the positivity. To be an adult. To be respected and forgiven.

To be someone that even myself can be proud of.

I am seriously trying.

But goodness, why is it so hard? And why is it so painful?

Why do the people who matter to you are the ones who are challenging you? Who are not even listening? Who do not make an effort to understand you or where you are coming from? Why are they subjecting you to your fear? Why are they making you feel so goddamn alone?

Why are they, of all people, causing you to doubt yourself and not proud of the person who you’ve become because you fought to be her?

I seriously do not have an answer to these. I’m sorry.

Wise men would say that these things though will make you strong. I do agree. Whole-heartedly. However, I do not ask to be strong, you know? I only wish to be understood.

But, I have to take what I can get and I have to accept that maybe this is just how life goes.

I actually want to apologize to those people who matter because as much as I love them, I cannot forget the pain. Not now. In the coming days, weeks, months, years probably, I can forgive, yes. But, to forget...

I already asked God to help me do that. As only He knows how to deal with...

The girl who feels too much.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dancing-on-Air Happy

Hi amazing people of the world! How are you all doing? Haha! 

Well, as you would have noticed by my greeting, I'm somewhat animated right now. It's been a while... like it's really been a long time since I've updated this blog. I'm sure you all agree. *wink*

No excuses here. I don't intend to lie to you. Not in forever.

Sadly, I'm having a hard time in fitting my blogging and all of its necessities in my weekday schedule. I usually come home at nine or ten in the evening, and by then I'm dead tired. So, I do everything in the weekend. And my, my, my... I've had my share of interesting weekends lately. If you want, you can check out my Instagram account (@msdanicamae) to know more about those experiences. Teehee!

I've actually started to edit this set a couple of weeks ago. But, I never expected to have soooo many pictures to choose from. Thank you to my photographer and a good friend, Judes, for giving me this beautiful dilemma. Haha!

So, I hope you all enjoy. I definitely did because of all the twirling and dancing that I had to do to produce some movements. I felt like a kid that went to a park for the very first time in her life. *laughs*

Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae01 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae02 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae03 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae04 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae05 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae06 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae07 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae08 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae09 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae11 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae12 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae13 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae14 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae15 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae17 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae18 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae19 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae20 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae21 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae22 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae23 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae24 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae25 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae26 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae27 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae28 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae29 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae30 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae31 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae32 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae33

SKIRT: Thrifted
CROP TOP: Material Girl
LIPSTICK: MAC Pink Nouveau
SHOES and NECKLACE: Forever 21 

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Photos by Judes Calpo

Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae34

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